When it involves actuality TV exhibits, one which has lately captured the eye of many is "Bling Empire." This Netflix collection provides a glimpse into the lives of the ultra-wealthy Asian and Asian American people living in Los Angeles. Among the ensemble forged, one specific character that has piqued everyone’s curiosity is Kelly Mi Li. Kelly’s relationship standing has been a focus of discussion amongst viewers, and plenty of are eager to know who she is dating. In this text, we dive deeper into Kelly’s love life and explore who she is at present relationship.

Kelly Mi Li: A Brief Background

Before we delve into the primary points of Kelly’s courting life, let’s familiarize ourselves with who she is. Kelly Mi Li is a profitable entrepreneur and producer. She is thought for her involvement within the leisure business, working on varied movie and tv projects. In "Bling Empire," Kelly’s private and skilled life is showcased, permitting viewers to see her journey as a businesswoman and socialite.

Kelly’s Love Life: Exploring Her Past Relationships

To understand who Kelly from "Bling Empire" is at present dating, it’s important to take a look at her dating historical past. In the sooner episodes of the show, Kelly was in a long-term relationship with Andrew Gray, a fellow solid member and actor recognized for his position in the "Power Rangers" franchise. The couple gave the impression to be deeply in love, however as the present progresses, their relationship hits a tough patch.

Despite their shared historical past, Kelly and Andrew confronted difficulties and eventually determined to part methods. The reasons for their breakup have been complicated, as seen in the show’s episodes. However, the central concern revolved around their differences and the challenges they faced as a couple.

Who is Kelly Dating Now?

After her breakup with Andrew Gray, viewers have been eagerly awaiting information of Kelly’s new romantic companion. Fortunately, we’ve the inside scoop. Currently, Kelly Mi Li is relationship a brand new man, and it looks as if things are going well for them. Her new partner’s identify is Joey Kemmerling, and he’s an entrepreneur and fashion fanatic.

Joey Kemmerling: The Man Stealing Kelly’s Heart

Joey Kemmerling is an aspiring designer and the CEO of a males’s clothes brand, EMK. Like Kelly, Joey has a ardour for style and operates in the same elite circles. This similarity in interests and aspirations is likely considered one of the elements that introduced them together.

A Love Built on Trust and Understanding

Kelly and Joey’s relationship appears to be based on mutual respect, belief, and understanding. As seen within the show, they are supportive of one another’s careers and are all the time present for each other. Their dynamic displays a healthy and steady partnership.

The Impact of Kelly and Joey’s Relationship

For Kelly, Joey’s presence in her life has introduced a way of stability and happiness. Their relationship is showcased in "Bling Empire," giving viewers an intimate glimpse into their love story. Kelly constantly expresses how protective and caring Joey is, solidifying their bond further.

The Intricacies of Dating within the "Bling Empire" World

Dating inside the elite and glamorous world of "Bling Empire" comes with its own set of challenges. The pressures of societal expectations and the necessity to maintain appearances can put a pressure on relationships. In the case of Kelly and Joey, nonetheless, they appear to have navigated these challenges quite properly, permitting their love to flourish.


While Kelly’s love life has been a topic of debate among "Bling Empire" viewers, it’s protected to say that she has discovered happiness in her relationship with Joey Kemmerling. As the present continues to unfold, we can anticipate to witness more of their love story and the challenges they might face alongside the way. For now, we can only hope that their relationship thrives within the midst of the glitz, glamour, and unpredictability of the "Bling Empire" world.


1. Who is Kelly from Bling Empire dating?
Kelly Mi Li, one of many primary cast members of the Netflix reality collection Bling Empire, is presently relationship actor and model Andrew Gray.

2. How did Kelly and Andrew Gray meet?
Kelly and Andrew Gray first met in Los Angeles while attending the identical occasion. They had been launched via mutual associates and immediately linked.

3. Are Kelly and Andrew still together?
As of my last out there information, Kelly and Andrew are now not together. In an interview, Kelly talked about that they broke up however remained on good phrases as pals.

4. When did Kelly and Andrew begin dating?
Kelly and Andrew started courting in early 2020. They made their relationship public in the course of the filming of Bling Empire, which was launched on Netflix in January 2021.

5. What was the explanation behind Kelly and Andrew’s breakup?
Kelly and Andrew’s breakup was reportedly due to personal variations and conflicts within their relationship. The pressures of being in the public eye and their busy schedules seemingly contributed to the deterioration of their romantic connection.

6. Have Kelly and Andrew addressed their breakup publicly?
Yes, Kelly and Andrew have addressed their breakup publicly. They have each spoken about it in interviews and on social media, sharing their private experiences and how they are navigating their newfound friendship.

7. Are there any rumors about Kelly’s present relationship life?
As of now, there are no known rumors about Kelly’s current dating life. Since her breakup with Andrew, she has been focusing on self-growth and exploring new avenues in her private and skilled life.

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