Of operations time saved by customers on average after using Zoho Payroll.

Zoho Payroll is everything you need to administer payroll for your organization. You can grant user roles and permissions, delegate responsibilities, oversee approvals, and build your organization your way. Loved the professionalism exhibited by the Zoho Payroll team to help us adopt to a modern-day payroll system, within a day. The Zoho Payroll support team made the on-boarding process a smooth sail. The product can be self-learnt and is very insightful.

Adding a New Employee

Automated payroll accounting with Zoho Books, and direct salary payments with ICICI bank makes Zoho Payroll stand out. Zoho People is integrated with Zoho Payroll for India, to make payroll processing easy and error-free for your organization. Zoho Payroll automates all salary calculations, adheres to local laws and handles all statutory compliances.

It follows a transparent procedure with well-structured employee data. We handle your statutory compliance including PF, PT, ESI, LWF and IT and make filing https://personal-accounting.org/zoho-books-review/ easy with tax reports. Track all of your federal and state tax forms (941, DE-9, W-2) in one place, and get all the data you need to file taxes.

Simplified payroll software for every business in India

Invite your qualified staff to process payroll but maintain control with user roles and role-based access. Transfer employees’ salaries directly to their bank accounts with timely online transfers and readily available bank advice. Run payroll in a few clicks and automatically generate payslips online with a thorough breakdown of taxes, allowances, and deductions.

Zoho People has also integrated with greytHR and Paybooks. The integrated services, greytHR is available only for India, Middle East and Africa, and Paybooks is available only for India. You can choose any one of the two services i.e greytHR or Paybooks, as it is not possible to integrate with both at the same time. You can either use greytHR or Paybooks, integrated with Zoho People for your payroll processes.

Features that make payroll easy

Make sure that the information you provide is accurate. This will reflect on the pay stubs of your employees, and the calculation of your tax liabilities. Zoho Books is your one-stop platform for managing your business finances. With Zoho People and Zoho Payroll, you’re not just simplifying your payroll tasks but also gaining the advantage of a complete HR solution. Payroll is better when employees can have complete visibility into their pay details and payroll-related activities. Finding the exact number of days worked is a key to processing employee payroll.

Of Zoho Payroll customers switched from spreadsheets to cloud-based payroll software. This integration automatically reflects your pay period’s costs including earnings, taxes, allowances, and reimbursements on the right journals in Zoho Books. Invite your qualified payroll staff to process payroll, and maintain control with user roles and role-based access. Capture deductions and sync them while running payroll, from health insurance plans to retirement benefits and paid time off. Zoho People and Zoho Payroll work together to power up your people and payroll processes. With comprehensive and simple process design, experience stress-free payroll.

Add employees into Zoho Payroll by providing their basic information like their names, dates of joining, SSNs etc. With contextual data flow between relevant systems, and a secure-by-design approach, get your teams to work together. Of our customers eliminate multi-vendor coordination through our pre-integrated apps.

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